A Reaction to Grenfell Tower

I do not live in a tower block. I am a white, middle class girl, and I may never experience what the residents of Grenfell Tower have experience this past week. But even though I may never experience their experiences, this does not mean that I cannot care about them. 

Theresa May could care about them. But she chooses not to. The Tory government could have chosen ensure that Grenfell Tower was safe and hospitable for its tenants. They could have followed fire safety regulations. The Kensington council could have responded to the repeated attempts of the tenants to rectify an appalling lack of safety regulations and ignorance of fire safety hazards. They could have even, shock horror, used the £10 million they spent on upgrading the outside of the building on upgrading the inside of the building. At the very least, they could have spent the extra £5k it would have cost for fire retardant cladding. But they didn’t. They didn’t, and the reason why they didn’t, is because under a Tory government, we will never have a government that cares about the poor and the marginalised. 

There is, however, a leader who cares about the UK impoverished. There is a leader who would have invested in affordable housing, would have ensured the utmost care concerning safety regulations and hospitable housing. There is a leader who has been a leader all this time, and is only now having his chance. Jeremy Corbyn does care about the people. Under a labour government with Corbyn as our leader we can prevent events like this from ever happening again by ensuring that the tenants of high rise blocks like Grenfell Tower are listened to, and we can make sure that all high rise blocks are completely hospitable and are as safe as possible from a fire of that magnitude. 

We can have a government that cares about the people who need caring about. We can have a government who pays hospital staff and medical professionals the proportional amount for the incredible work they do. With the Tory cuts, the jewel that is the NHS only gets weaker and fast response times to emergency situations only get longer. We can proportionally pay the fire service, and the police force. We can fix what is broken, and now more than ever is the time where we can actually have this “fantasy” as our reality.

Theresa May and the Tories will never care about anyone but the rich. Any life experience that is different from theirs doesn’t matter. Support Corbyn, support the Labour Party, support equality and justice. 

DO NOT let the Tories cover up this heinous crime and DO NOT let them blame the deaths of the tenants of Grenfell Tower on anyone but themselves. 


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