Beware the Meninists

First of all, what is Meninism? Meninism is defined online as;

“Meninism is a mockery of feminism and proves we can’t request equality with white men making everything about themselves.” 

Finding an official definition for meninism proved nigh impossible, as it doesn’t really exist as an actual movement. So why are some men on the internet seemingly calling themselves meninists?

Meninism is a movement that was set-up to counteract the progress being made by feminists on social media who are trying to promote feminist ideals and values. The only core basis behind meninism was to mock the feminists; to imply that the feminist movement was set up by a load of angry man-hating lesbians in a basement somewhere, just like meninism was probably thought of by some 42 year old brony still living in his mother’s garage in Houston. Meninism exists only to help people hate feminism – it perpetuates the idea that feminists hate men, that women want to take over the world and become superior to men and that all women who are feminists must have something wrong with them. Meninism is not real, it fights for nothing and demonstrates nothing of constructive use in our fight for equality in all areas. People who call themselves meninists are people to be wary of. They believe that feminism is a joke, that women who want equality are stupid and that the entire systematic oppression of women is theirs to own and make stupid ‘kitchen’ jokes about. Meninists are yet another parasite being hosted in the body of society views of women.

If Meninism was fighting for real things, for things that men DO need, then I could take it seriously. If meninism was fighting the idea of hyper-masculinity being forced on boys and men from young ages, then I could take it seriously. If meninism was fighting for men of colour to be seen as equals to white men, then I could take it seriously. If it was fighting for male victims of rape, male victims of domestic abuse, LGBTQA+ men’s rights… if it was fighting for anything at all that needed to be changed for men, then we could start taking it seriously. But as of now, meninism is nothing more than a white boy’s favourite twitter hashtag and a $12 t-shirt sporting meninist in white letters surrounded by red available from a dodgy website on the internet.

Even joking around and saying you’re a meninist even if you’re not is still part of the problem. Joking about something that is damaging to so many people’s progress in the feminist movement is even more detrimental to the cause because it shows you’re not taking the hindrances seriously. This whole thing is a serious issue – it demonstrates how society has so closely squeezed the true meaning out of feminism that people set up vicious new movements to perpetuate the negative stereotypes even further.

Change the meaning and connotations of meninism to what I mentioned above. Be the ‘meninist’ who is fighting for male victims of rape and domestic abuse to be recognised as victims. Be the ‘meninist’ who is fighting for men of colour. Be the ‘meninist’ who wants to stop telling men that boys don’t cry, who wants to stop telling men to grow a pair, be a man, take it like a man. Be the ‘meninist’ who stops using the phrase “you throw like a girl,” as an insult. Be the ‘meninist’ who does want equality, not cheap laughs from strangers on the internet because you made a joke about how women can’t drive.


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