He For She

Consistent to my running theme of trying to explain the true movement of feminism, the universe has conspired to bring traction to the movement of ‘men for feminism,’ encapsulated by the solidarity movement He for She. Many of you probably know about this already, especially from Emma Watson’s talk about it at a recent UN conference.

The official website is here:

He For She – http://www.heforshe.org/

And I strongly urge you that if you’re a boy/man reading this, you go on that website and join the movement. Currently, 152, 229 men have joined the movement, 21,888 of those being from the UK. The more men know about, and engage in, the feminist movement, the quicker we can demonstrate to everyone how important social, political and economical equality is for both men and women.

Emma Watson’s talk can be found here too:


In the words of Emma Watson, this needs to be something that we don’t just talk about. Feminism needs to be something I don’t just sit here and blog about, in a room in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, which you read and think about only for the few minutes it takes for you to read this. This needs to be something that when you close your laptop, and you lie in your bed and stare at the ceiling, swirls around in your mind until you simply cannot bear the incomprehensible injustice that has dogged humanity’s development since as far back as we can study. This needs to be something that you carry with you everywhere you go, the weight of which becomes too much that the dam in your mouth that stops you from voicing your thoughts about feminism breaks, and the poignancy of your words fills the ears of those around you, and rejoice at the fact that maybe now you might actually be able to make a change.

I cannot fight this alone. No woman, no man can fight this alone, and luckily, it seems that now we don’t have to. We need feminism, not because we need people to ascribe to the ‘label’ of feminism, but because we need equality in order to be a functional society.

Join us?


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