It’s A Boy/Girl Thing

Recently I had a discussion with some friends about who was more complicated, girls or boys. Obviously, the discussion was completely split down the middle, with the girls yelling “BOYS ARE SO COMPLEX!” and the boys screaming, “GIRLS ARE SO CONFUSING!”

Personally, being a girl, I think boys are more confusing, but this is only because since I am a girl I can understand girls better. We generally understand those of our own sex better, because we share similar grievances and woes. I have shared long hours deliberating with my friends about the best methods of dealing with periods, or discussing how scary giving birth will be, but I wouldn’t consider discussing these in depth with boys, simply because they wouldn’t really get it.

How can you explain to someone what being on your period is like, if they’ll simply never get to or have to understand it?

However, the main reason (really) that boys find girls more confusing and vice versa is not because it is simply impossible for us to understand each other, but that there is a large amount of mis-communication between us. When we were discussing this, the boys said that one of the most confusing things is trying to discover if a girl likes you or not. Boys, I promise you, this is just as difficult for girls to find out as it is for you. Finding out if someone else likes you takes a lot of subtle undercover work, and even then, you can never really be sure. Hell, if someone’s actually going out with you, it’s still hard to know if they actually like you or it’s just one big game. (See Gossip Girl’s Chuck and Blair’s relationship for a demonstration of this)

The reason why it’s so hard to know whether someone likes you, or what they actually think of you, is because we are not communicating to each other how we really feel. This doesn’t help anything, and you could spend your life thinking “What if I just told that boy/girl that I liked them? What if?” which believe me, is no way to live your life. If everyone could just communicate their intentions a little better, we’d probably discover that we’re not actually that complicated at all. Apart from the obvious discrepancies in our biological make-up, and the fact that boys will never have periods or experience child-birth and girls will never understand what it’s like to get a boner in the middle of maths class before the teacher calls you up to write something on the board, we probably aren’t really that different.


1. Why do girls mostly go to the bathroom together? Well, more often than not it’s actually because we both need to go to the toilet and logically makes sense for us to go together. Sometimes it’s because we don’t want to look lonely going to the toilet on our own. Sometimes it’s because we want to gossip about someone where they can’t hear us, or we want to ask each other something important. I promise you, boys, there is nothing that mysterious about what we do in the toilets when we go together.

2. Why do girls say nothing is wrong when clearly there is something wrong? In this case, I can only speak for myself. If I say nothing is wrong but clearly there is something wrong, it is because of one of three reasons, a) you are the problem and I don’t want to tell you that you’re the problem, b) I don’t want to tell you what’s wrong, c) there actually isn’t anything in particular wrong I’m just having a bad day.

3. WHY DO GIRLS GET SO ANGRY WHEN US BOYS ASK, ARE YOU ON YOUR PERIOD? If we’re annoyed, and a boy says to us, “Oooh, someone’s on their period.” that is one of the most annoying things. Yes, we do understand that you’re just making a joke, and sometimes it is funny, but most of the time, we’re going to want to punch you. By insinuating that the reason why we’re angry is that we’re on our period, you’re making it seem as it if our feelings of anger aren’t legitimate, and that the reason why we’re angry is stupid. Mostly, we don’t even get crazy mood swings when we’re on our period. Maybe you’re just being an asshole.

4. Why do girls get angry when boys talk about other girls to them? I don’t really know if all girls get annoyed about this. Girls probably don’t like this because it shows that you’re not paying complete attention to them. I’m sure boys get annoyed by this too, if a girl constantly talks about another boy to them. Mostly, for people in general, regardless of sex, it’s just annoying to hear someone constantly talk about someone else and not pay attention to the person in front of them.


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