Are We Really Born To Run?

We’re most likely born with genetic predispositions to certain things, like athletics or intelligence, but the question that has been brought to my attention is, are we born exactly who we’re going to grow up to be?

There is a certain question regarding this that I have been asked before, specifically, can you be born a homosexual?

Personally, I don’t believe anyone is ‘born’ anything. I believe it’s almost as if you’re born as a completely blank notebook, and throughout your life you ink these pages and then these pages help to show other people who you are. I don’t believe you are born homosexual, because as a baby you have absolutely no experience with the world and people around you. How can you have a sexuality when you can’t even understand what  sexuality is, much less know the intimate details that designate you to a certain ‘sexual preference?’

When debating this question, I was met with the counter-question “So do you believe homosexuality is a product of a person’s surroundings?”

This is quite a difficult question to answer because if you say yes, you’re (essentially) saying that homosexuality can occur in someone because of the way they’re brought up, and that everyone who has homosexual parents will end up being homosexual too, which is absolutely untrue. There is no sufficient evidence that suggests that if a person has homosexual parents that they too will be homosexual. A friend of mine has homosexual parents, and to the best of my knowledge she is heterosexual.

So no, I do not believe homosexuality is a product of a person’s surroundings or the environment they have grown up in. Even if everyone in the world was homosexual (and homosexuality was the ‘common’ sexuality as opposed to heterosexuality) I guarantee that there would be people who were heterosexual. Sexuality, both homosexual and heterosexual is a product of one’s emotions. It is not caused by the environment one has grown up in, nor one’s parents or friends, nor the celebrities that one idolizes or songs that one listens to. It is not defined by movies, magazines or any type of media.

The only thing that will cause you to be a homosexual is your attraction to the same sex. But this is simply what I believe. I think homosexuality just naturally occurs within human beings, and homosexual feelings are not less valid than heterosexual feelings. Homosexual and heterosexual love are exactly the same.

I do believe that homophobia is dependent on the environment someone has grown up in. If someone has parents that are homophobic, and are influenced by their opinions and beliefs, chances are that child will grow up to be homophobic for at least some of their life. If they are also constantly fed homophobic propaganda, religious homophobic messages and ideas, and are taught that those who are homosexual are lesser, then eventually this child will come to believe these things to be solid truths. This is the real problem.

However, the point of this post still remains the same. Are we born with everything already inside of us to determine who we are? How much do our environment and surroundings effect our development?

Can we be born gay?


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