You Just Don’t Get Females

An excellent poem about periods and how men just will never understand them.

The Period Poem

Periods are one of the most elusive and inconvenient aspects of being a ‘woman.’ We are defined as being women by our periods, yet men are disgusted by the fact that we have them. To be disgusted by a period is to be disgusted by the very ingredients that will make and house your son, your daughter. It is to be disgusted by that which a woman is, that which she suffers and that which she deals with because she is strong and this is just how life is for us.

To those men who find it disgusting, next time you slice your hand on a knife or trip over because you were texting your three girls at once and weren’t paying attention to the cyclist in the road, know that you are no different from us. You bleed, we bleed, yet we do it because it is nature and you bleed because you were careless.

I repeat, it is nature. If it were not natural, if it could not naturally occur in so many women, then it would not happen. It is the same with homosexuality. How can you say it is not natural, when it so naturally occurs and had occurred in human beings for thousands of years? When their feelings of love bare no differences from yours? The only difference is they love someone different than you. You love your wife? They love theirs. Their wife loves them. They are two women, but they love each other just the same as you and your partner.

If to love in such a way is ‘unnatural,’ then all love is. If they do not deserve to be happy loving someone of the same sex, then you don’t deserve to be happy with someone of the opposite sex. If for one group of people it has been decided that they cannot love because others think it is disgusting, then it is decided that none of us can love because we are disgusting for doing that to that group of people.


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