Stripping Unstripped

This morning I came across a really interesting blog by a woman who works (willingly may I add, she loves and enjoys her work) as a stripper and pole dancer. She is also a feminist.

Her blog is an excellent read for anyone who is interested in learning more about the stripping industry, and for anyone who wants to know how stripping and feminism run alongside each other. In my eyes, this woman is extremely inspirational.

You can find her blog here:


I don’t think people consider often enough the fact that although working as a stripper is considered sleazy or ‘the easy way of making money for unskilled women,’ it requires incredible amounts of physical and social skill, self-confidence, strength of character and intuition. Pole dancing is incredibly hard and I think women who do it as a profession should be admired and respected, not branded sluts or whores or condemned for their choice in career.

If it makes a woman happy and fulfilled, she can do any job she pleases. (Within reason, killing for money is definitely not a job you should do.)


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