School’s Out

I see a lot of stuff on the internet, on TV shows and just in daily life concerning how women dress and the way a large majority of women wear make up most of the time. Some people seem to think that these things should be regulated for ‘appropriate appearance.’ Especially, it seems, in schools.

First of all, no. If you’re going to regulate a female’s clothing, you have to regulate the male’s too. Time and time again I see boys walking round with their jeans halfway down their bums, pants bunching up around the top of their jean waistbands. I don’t care if you think this is acceptable dressing, because I don’t. Nobody wants to see your unwashed underpants and nobody thinks you look good. I promise. Also, in school the focus should not be on how so-and-so is wearing their uniform, but how comfortable everyone feels learning and dealing with the stresses of daily school life.

Secondly, it is not fair that in general, female clothing is regulated for the benefit of the males. In schools today, girls can be sent home for wearing vest tops, crop tops, tight jeans, for wearing their school skirts too short (if they have uniform) and if their bra straps are showing. Now I don’t know if people have noticed, but women sort of need to wear bras if you don’t want to see their nipples showing through every piece of clothing. I think boys would be more excited and aroused by seeing nipples through a woman’s shirt rather than her bra straps, so I have no idea why visible bra straps should be a problem, especially when no one seems to be caring that boys’ underwear is on show 24/7.

Double standard doesn’t even begin to cover it. First of all you complain that a woman shouldn’t dress for a man’s benefit, then when she dresses how she wants you regulate it to be more ‘suitable’ so that it doesn’t drive her fellow male students/colleagues into a sexual frenzy. This is not okay. Clothing is a form of expression of identity, possibly one of the most important as people see you and your clothes before they get to know you and make judgements straight away. Wearing the clothes you want and feel comfortable in helps you get a bit more of your identity across in that first instant.

Thirdly, telling women to take off their make up because you feel that the amount they’re wearing is indecent for the school/work environment is absolutely not okay. Yes, there are instances where perhaps false eyelashes shouldn’t be worn, and perhaps they should take off the black lipstick if they’re in school, but ultimately the make up someone is wearing makes them feel good about themselves. I know I feel more confident when I’m wearing eye make-up because I feel like I look older. Who are you to begrudge me that self-confidence because you feel it’s inappropriate for school? The years I spend at school are some of the most defining of my entire life, and if you spend that time taking away things that make me confident, I’m going to end up a snivelling wreck who needs constant validating from other people. I shouldn’t get my confidence from other people telling me what I look like. I should get my confidence from me.


1. I am not wearing this make up for anyone but me.
2. Have you ever tried putting on make up? It’s the funnest thing ever. Any girl will tell you.
3. I’m not wearing foundation to make myself more tanned.
4. False eyelashes can look more real thank you think.
5. It doesn’t always take 4 hours for us to get ready. Sometimes we just make you wait.


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