A point on being uncomfortable with feminism

Excellent post and puts mine all to shame!


So I keep hearing phases like this: “I’m not sure how I feel about feminism. Like, sure, in a text book sense I’m a feminist, but I’m not necessarily comfortable with all of what feminists have to say.” Alright, let’s get into this.

So to begin, a Feminist is a person concerned with, and interested in bringing about, equality of the sexes. This idea of equality is the basis of feminism, and, when taken to heart of it, that’s all it takes to be a feminist. That said, there seems to be all kinds of ideas about the things feminists believe, but I am confident in saying that the vast majority of the crazy ones are coming from outside the feminist movement.

So I’m a feminist, and I’m a man. That is a cis-gender man. I partake in what I consider contemporary feminism, largely because what I hear most often…

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