Is Beyoncé A Good Role Model?

First things first, should we all be bowing down to Queen B? She is, after all, THE most powerful celebrity as decided by Forbes magazine this year.

So why was the topic, Is Beyoncé A Good Role Model, up for debate in my school?

We chose, being a fairly opinionated group, to discuss this one English lesson. I was one of the ones defending Beyoncé’s title as most powerful and not to mention influential women at our present time, and I was extremely surprised to find how fervently people agreed that she was not a good role model. Phrases like self-objectification and over-sexualisation kept cropping up throughout our discussion, being used as the forefront of the attack on Beyoncé’s credibility as a suitable role model for girls today.

Self-objectification is the term used to refer to the act of women seeing and identifying themselves as a sexual object for men. In other words, this is a bad thing. Over-sexualisation in this case refers to something (or someone) being overly sexual or pushing sexual innuendos onto something that does not need to be sexualised.

So is Beyoncé really doing this? And if so, why? My theory is this: in this day and age, sex is what sells. The porn business is stronger and more lucrative together and sex and it’s dark side is seeping into everything from books to music to children’s clothes. Sex is the big idea, the endorser, the money-maker and I believe that Beyoncé is simply utilising this to make sure she stays on top of that Forbes Top 100 Most Powerful Celebrities list. (May I just state that Beyoncé is a total of 5 spaces above her husband on that list? Independent women indeed!)

I think we all stand agreed on the fact that Beyoncé’s recent songs have been more sexually motivated (Partition and Drunk In Love) which is sending fearful mothers into outrage over what their daughters are hearing from the so called Queen B (whom I suppose people believe should be a complete innocent virgin to be considered a suitable role model) but I personally cannot see the problem with this. Women should be able to sing about sex and sexual encounters without being preyed upon by other women. Sex is not something only men can be passionately moved by to sing about. Hell, why is sex even demonised so much anyway? (but that’s another story)

All in all, yes I believe Beyoncé is a good role model. She is a strong, motivated woman who is top of the game in her field. Granted she may be over-sexualising her music or videos, but she is doing what SHE wants to do and even through criticism still remains on top. She dropped a whole ALBUM just out of the blue with a video for every song. If that isn’t badass I don’t know what is.

We can’t keep pretending that sex is such a forbidden thing that for a woman to have sex and sing about it is a crime against nature. Out there in the real world, women have sex. Real live women have sex. A woman will have an average of 7 sexual partners in her life. If you want your daughters to look up to you, if you consider yourself a good role model, you’ve had sex. You’re a mother. So is Beyoncé. Why should she be any different?


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