High School Musical Fans or Not, We Really Are All In This Together

First of all, for anyone that is offended by the URL of this blog, I’m sorry, but I’m not really that sorry. 

Before you read any and every post of mine, please remind yourself of the true definition of feminism. Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending a state of equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women. A feminist does not attack males for simply being males, eschew all male contact and presence in their lives, and may I just state this for those simple-minded folk who have been fooled by bad media into thinking this, NOT ALL FEMINISTS ARE LESBIANS.

Sexism (and feminism) today is something that transcends race. Whether White, Black, Mixed Race, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern or other, all women are affected and so shall we fight against sexism as a unit. Oppositely, racism is something that transcends gender. Both male and female of a race demonized and discriminated against will be affected, and will therefore fight together to destroy the prejudice that they face. Why is it we only seem to overcome certain ‘boundaries’ such as our gender and race, when faced with destructive discrimination instead of everyday social encounters? And why do some women seem to be working against those volleying for the social, political and economical equality of both men and women? Surely equality for the female sex should be the forefront of every women’s longing? The first thing on their mind?

This brings me to the currently very well-known ‘phenomenon’ of the ‘women against feminism.’ There has been a noticeable boom in the amount of women posting about and encouraging the #WomenAgainstFeminism hashtag and the ‘selfies’ posted by these women with detailed lists about why they don’t need feminism. Modern third-wave feminists have obviously, and understandably, began to attack these women and their ideology, but this only goes to show further that when we, as women, become divided about the very idea that we should be equal with men, we weaken our position as being treated by equals by them. When we become uncertain that we need feminism, so do men become certain that we don’t. When we become divided and fight among ourselves about whether we are fighting to become equal or superior, men will only enforce the idea that they truly ARE superior after all. When we become the very catty, bitch-like stereotypes feminism (TRUE feminism, not the kind that eschews all males for being males which is no different to raw sexism itself) is trying to demolish, we only show what years and years of a patriarchal society has done to destroy the bonds between women which unite us against prejudice, and how through the fault of women believing that we do not have more to fight for, we have become the very things about ourselves that we hate.

However, having said all this, I do believe in trying to understand the WAF’s point of view and educating myself further about the issue, so I included links about it for people who want to know more.

Here are a few articles I’ve come across that discuss the issues in greater depth and produce varied information and opinions about the movement:

Women against feminism – An article discussing whether the WAF (women against feminism) are anti-progress and anti-women.

Feminism is about women’s financial freedom… – an article discussing one woman’s reaction to the #WomenAgainstFeminism trend.

Feminism, sexism and social media – How social media is impacting the movement.

And I even found (you lucky viewers) the blog that started it all:

Are you against feminism? – The WAF blog that posts selfies of women stating their reasons for being against feminism.

So what do you think about Women Against Feminism? And do you believe that we all truly need to be in this together? (‘This’ referring to the fight for total equality for both men and women)



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